About Pretty In Ink Productions

Pretty In Ink began as a dream. I had talked for years about how I wanted to make videos and open a production studio. Between school, work, children and other life things, I never thought it was possible.

I graduated from VCU in the Fall of 2013 and instead of wasting my graduation money or going on an extravagant trip, I began buying video equipment. I started with one camera, then two, then a new computer and slowly have been adding to my arsenal of video equipment ever since.

Video is my passion. I love to film. I love to be creative and use movement and motion to tell a story. I have owned the business for just about 3 years now and cannot believe how far I have come. From a small desk in my parents basement to a big office and production studio, my dream is coming to life. I have filmed dozens of weddings, hundreds of live performances, interviews and events.

With the support of my husband, family and children, I am able to do this full time. My dreams have finally become reality. Watch me along my journey at being the best videographer I can be. The technology is ever changing and super duper expensive, but I’ll make it work. I always do!

-Steffanie (Owner & Lead Videographer)

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